Six Interesting Features Of ColorOS That You Need To Know 

  • Here are six interesting features of ColorOS that the users need to know. 
  • In the Theme Store of Oppo, there is a channel named 'Art+ Project,' which helps share high-quality visual content. 
  • The company has not rolled out the ColorOS update stably yet; at the moment, it is running in a beta program.

ColorOS 14 is on the way to coming out as a stable major update; it is in the beta stage, and once the beta program is over, the users will get the latest ColorOS update. Since it is a major update, it’s obvious that it will bring new features, changes, and improvements to enhance the user’s experience. Here are six interesting features of ColorOS that the users need to know. 

Here’s New Six Features Of ColorOS 

Art+ Project 

In the Theme Store of Oppo, there is a channel named ‘Art+ Project,’ which helps share high-quality visual content. To make this happen, the brand Oppo has collaborated with outstanding artists and associations. This delivers exclusive fine art wallpapers, fonts, and themes that combine culture, art, and technology. Also, the users can enjoy a premium, smooth experience that permits them to view the exhibitions while customizing their devices.  

Game Assistant 

Game Assistant offers an improved smartphone gaming performance by optimizing the network conditions and offering intuitive control gestures and multi-windows support. Considering the real needs of e-sports professionals, the company designed it to deliver an immersive gaming atmosphere, high-caliber auxiliary tools, and a multi-dimensional sensory experience to offer players a superior gaming experience and to help them win every game. 

The chip capabilities are merged to dissipate heat quickly, improve the game’s framerate, reduce the fluctuations in some complex situations, and permit players to game for a long time more easily. While activated, the Full Immersion Mode permits the players not to be distracted by texts, notifications, and phone calls between their gaming sessions. Besides all other tools, the 4D vibration touch sense, game voice changer, screen light effects, and supreme picture quality satisfy players along with a rich sensory experience. 

Multi-Screen Connect 

Multi-Screen Connect is a proprietary transfer technology of Oppo that breaks free from traditional hardware limitations, offering comprehensive compatibility to a vast range of smartphones, PCs, and tablets. It is a mechanism that makes some operations even more convenient, for instance, the ability for multiple smartphone applications to be displayed on a PC simultaneously. Two devices that use the same Multi-Screen Connect account can also get connected to each other automatically while they are in the same proximity, bringing a truly smooth and future-forward experience.  

Noticeably, this feature also supports screen casting, PC reverse control, file transferring, and copy/paste between devices. 

Clone Phone 

The brand has developed a Clone Phone application, which helps with one-click data migration from an old to a new smartphone. Through this application, the users don’t need to connect cables or extra devices, and no data is uploaded to a server. It is a kind of personal pathway that protects the security of the data and results in a smooth and fast migration. 

Also, the users can easily start the process by scanning a QR code. With the two devices connected, they have to select the data they want to transfer, like contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, music, and many more. The whole process can be completed without an internet connection with the help of an encrypted hotspot for a safe, direct peer-to-peer transfer. 

Homeland Always-On Display 

Homeland Always-On Display, commonly known as AOD, is a dynamic always-on display design for OPPO smartphone users, which includes data-responsive penguins, polar bears, and coral. This feature offers the facility to the users by which they can see the time, date, notifications, missed calls, and many others while the screen is off. 

Instead of traditional design based on aesthetics, the animations on the Homeland AOD react to present environmental data to symbolize the rise in global temperature, which has brought drastic changes to Earth’s habitats. 

ColorOS Illustration System 

The ColorOS Illustration System is just an illustration language that is used in all total product lines of OPPO software. To offer some context to the users, system illustrations are used on blank pages while encountering troubles or new features. The brand turned a scenario that is normally frustrating into a positive emotional connection to the brand through storytelling and light humor. 

However, the company has not rolled out the ColorOS update yet; at the moment, it is running in the beta program. And it is also possible that the stable version brings more new features and improvements.


ColorOS features

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