Spotify Faces A Sudden Drop In Its User Count

  • Asking too much interrupted ads recommendation.
  • Spotify rating was 4.4, now it has been 1.8

Spotify is the music streaming application that lets you discover all the trending music. With millions of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks, there’s something interesting for every listener. In the recent past, Spotify has been the most popular music streaming and podcast player, offering over 80 million songs as well as 4 million podcasts and counting. 

Despite providing several interesting features, Spotify has been currently facing a huge downfall in its user counts and user ratings. With 4.4 star ratings, it has suddenly dropped to 1.8, resulting in a massive decrease in regular users. 

It’s pretty surprising that some users have reported that the Spotify app is getting even worse. Users have been facing certain issues regarding its quality, several options, and more. The new features within the app have very limited options, and the loop option has been removed after updating the app to the latest version. In addition, the lyrics are not visible for each of the songs that are being played. 

The most prominent reason behind this sudden decline is due to the advertisement policy of the app. Most users have been complaining that they are having a lot of issues regarding their music playback on Spotify. They are getting ads after every 2 songs, which is very frustrating as well as disappointing at the same time, and they had to listen to the songs in shuffle mode. Some users have also noticed that after updating their Spotify app, they are now unable to play the songs they love. Instead, the app plays a completely different song by the same artist.     

In addition, a listener has commented that although Spotify is working great for the Premium subscribers, but the app has made all the basic features premium, with lyrics not loading for some songs, and even users are unable to skip to their favorite part of the song, especially after the latest update. And if it’s been like that, Spotify will soon have to rectify the problem and quickly get some potential solutions for the non-subscribers as well.   

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