YouTube Music Now Allow Add Podcasts Through RSS

  • In the recent update, YouTube Music will now allow the ability to add podcasts through an RSS feed.
  • With Google Podcasts shutting down in 2024, Google is planning further to make YouTube Music its only podcasting application.
  • Earlier podcasters were required to upload episodes in the form of videos.

A couple of months ago, Google announced that the company was soon going to discontinue its popular podcast service, Google Podcasts, in order to make ways for YouTube Music. Google has decided to make YouTube Music as Google’s only podcasting application and decided to remove Google Podcasts forever in 2024. 

11/14 Update

YouTube Music has authorized podcasts via the RSS feed. Now, it has been seen for Android users, but it has not come for iOS users. In the upcoming days, hoping that it will be watched soon by iOS users.


With the removal of Google Podcasts in 2024, Google is here with yet a new update for the YouTube Music app, which is soon receiving the capability to add several podcasts through the RSS feed. As of now, YouTube Music’s current podcasting capability requires podcasters to upload episodes in the form of videos.  

Now, as per YouTube Music, the platform might bring the custom ability to add a podcast show through the RSS feed for the end users on both Android and the web. Once this new feature is live to you within the YouTube Music app, you need to head to YouTube Music’s Library Tab >> tap on the Podcast at the top. Doing this will display a new Add Podcast option at the bottom. 

Here, you can select the options as per your preferences: selecting the Browse top podcasts can be done either by choosing the Find podcasts on YouTube or by tapping on the Add podcasts by RSS feed (privately or by Public URL). This newly added option will then appear beside other podcasts.  

Furthermore, Google is going to shut down Google Podcasts approximately at any time in 2024. Taking that into consideration, YouTube will now allow RSS content for podcasters rather than video-based podcasts, helping podcasters with their podcast exploration on the service.        


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