OxygenOS 14 Is Integrating With Microsoft Phone Link To Boost The Productivity

  • OxygenOS 14 is all set to be integrated with the Microsoft Phone Link.
  • OxygenOS 14 will include File Dock, Notes 2.0, and Smart Cutout.
  • This integration will seamlessly work on a PC without touching a smartphone.

OxygenOS 14 is all set to be integrated with the Microsoft Phone Link, which can help users boost their productivity. Through this step, the OnePlus users have seamless integration with their Windows PCs, allowing users to have a better cross-device experience and help in enhancing their productivity.

As the forthcoming major OxygenOS 14 update is almost nearing users, it will be arriving with a number of productivity features, including File Dock, Notes 2.0, and Smart Cutout. By the Windows OOBE (Out of Box Experience), OnePlus users will get a seamless experience right from the beginning when setting up a brand-new Windows PC. In order to get going with it, users will just be required to simply scan a QR code.

  • After scanning the QR code, once your devices are ready, you will receive a pop-up notification on your PC, and you can seamlessly reply in-line to several incoming messages without having to touch your OnePlus smartphones.  
  • This will allow you to conveniently make or receive calls directly from your PC, and even you can transfer your phone calls among different devices. 
  • Watch your smartphone’s photos, videos, and other important files and save them to your PC. You can easily delete the ones you don’t want anymore and eleven drag and drop them into a PPT presentation or an email. 

OnePlus stated, “With the Phone Link integration, that’s still not an excuse to grab your phone. You can see and interact with your mobile apps on your PC, and the multiple apps feature allows you to open apps side by side. Still not enough? You can opt for a direct and complete mirroring of your phone’s display on your PC and interact with it as if you are directly interacting with your phone, complete with cross-device copy & paste and drag & drop as the cherry on top”.   

 In addition, OnePlus demonstrated this integration as will allow users to drop any excuse to grab their OnePlus smartphone, watch and interact with their smartphone’s apps on their PC and with the multiple application features, users will be able to open their most preferred app via a side-by-side window. 

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