Password Management: Simplifying App Locking Across Devices

The cases of cybersecurity attacks have been growing more concerning. People have lost millions of dollars because of multiple cyber attacks in the form of phishing, identity theft, and system breaching.

Seeing how terrible the whole situation is, keeping your credentials safe becomes more and more important. You shouldn’t share any of your information publicly as anyone could take advantage of it. 

And regarding the password, it’s better to make one that’s hard to guess. Use combinations of alphabets, special letters, and numbers to make the whole thing more complicated. Put it down a note, and save it in the safest place.

Keeping one password seems to be manageable this way. But how about 10 or more passwords? Would you use the same method?

Of course, there’s always e better alternative to everything, including handling your own password. What you need is an app that may help in storing all the passwords safely. And there’s nothing that could help you but a password manager. 

In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of a password manager app, and mention one example of the best you may try using. 

Finding The Best Password Manager

In this day and age, the task of keeping your password safe and secure has become more crucial. But no need to worry, the password manager will do the job for you. If you are looking for the best one, we can recommend 1Password. You may read what experts say in this 1Password review to make the final decision. Having a reputable password manager is highly recommended as the features can be useful in many situations. 

The cost of having a password manager is usually not that expensive. But if you really love using a particular app, it would be best to get a more premium subscription as you can have much better features and functionality. 

There are some reasons why you need to install a password manager, such as:

Reasons to Have A Password Manager

Basically, a password manager is a useful application for storing usernames and passwords for various websites and applications. The main function of the password manager is to make it easier for you to manage various passwords for many accounts so that the login process will be easier and faster.

Password managers have many benefits. Anything? Here are some of them:

1. Only need to remember one password

The many applications and platforms we use are indeed helpful, but if you forget your password or change it, it will be very troublesome. Now, you no longer need to experience that. All passwords will be stored in the password manager. So, you only need to remember one password, namely the password in the password manager application.

The troublesome event of forgetting your password will no longer happen. Password manager has made your life easier. You won’t run out of energy and get tired of remembering all the passwords for the services you use.

2. Safe and comfortable to use

It’s normal if you wonder whether it is safe to store usernames and passwords in a password manager application. The answer is, of course, safe. Why? Because all application passwords are protected by one master password that only you know. The master password also makes it easier for you to open the applications in it.

The password manager application also provides access to encrypted content, so you are the one who really knows the password and username. Application developers and programmers cannot access your data.

3. Flexible access

Installing a good password manager is not limited to one application. Using a password manager will not reduce your freedom in accessing your account because you can still access a platform account even if you leave your phone behind. It’s also possible to sync accounts on each device when starting to use password manager to access.

4. Avoid the same password repeatedly

According to How to Geek, using the same password repeatedly for several applications is not recommended. Repetition increases the risk of hacking by irresponsible parties. Of course, this will harm you financially.

If it is leaked, they can easily change your password and use your account to drain your funds and many other crimes.

Additional Tips You Can Do

Use Random Character Combinations

A random combination of characters can be the right choice for creating a strong password. Make sure to use a combination of upper and lower-case characters, numbers, and symbols to create a more complex and hard-to-guess password. Examples include “F3q#PbT8$zRm2s!”, which is a random combination of characters strong enough that it is difficult for others to guess.

Use a long password

Long passwords provide better security than short passwords. The longer the password, the more difficult it is for technology to guess or brute force it. Ideally, the password should be at least 12 characters or more. In fact, some experts recommend using a password of at least 16 characters.

Don’t use the same password for all accounts

When creating a password, it is important not to use the same password for all the accounts you have. Indeed, if one day one of your passwords is revealed or accessed by unauthorized access, all accounts using the same password will be at risk of security.

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