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How To Solve Fluctuations In OnePlus 5G Signal ?

  • The 5G network is currently available in some major cities.
  • Since it’s not widely available, several OnePlus users are experiencing 5G network fluctuations.
  • This article shares tricks on how you could resolve the 5G network fluctuations on your OnePlus smartphones.

In the modern world of telecommunication, new innovations have already started increasing in number. In the same context, after 4G, there’s a 5G network, which is said to have higher performance speed than a 4G network. But recently OnePlus users reported that OnePlus 5g Signal is Flatulating.

Currently, it can be clearly seen that most of the mobile networks have already started acquiring it in 2019.

Although the network penetration process is gradual and steady, only some of the major countries have a full-fledged 5G network available. 

At the same time, there are several OnePlus users who have been complaining about the 5G network fluctuations in their smartphones.

Users have reported that their smartphone’s 5G network connection is not working properly even after they have a 5G phone.

The 5G network fluctuations are so constant that they are unable to use their mobile data connection properly, which is very annoying. 

Meanwhile, there could be a number of reasons for the fluctuations of the 5G signal, and one of them is that it will be affected by the smartphone operator’s network coverage.

You can try to enable the resident 5G network in your smartphone’s settings. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Settings on your OnePlus smartphone>> Tap Mobile Network and then select the More Settings tab >> Tap Smart 5G and turn it off.
  • Settings >> About device >> Version: Click on the build number 7 consecutive times to enter into the developer mode. 
  • Settings >> Additional settings >> Developers options >> Networking >> 5G network mode >> select NSA+SA Mode.

Even after following the steps, if you are still facing problems, capture the log in the feedback toolbox and submit your feedback. (For India region, you can dial *#800# to enter the Feedback toolbox and catch the battery function log that you wish to report.) 

The 5G network is not widely available, and its widespread availability is highly expected by 2025, due to which it’s currently not available in most parts of the world.

In contrast, you can even try out these fixes as well:

  • Turn the airplane mode on; doing this will force your OnePlus smartphone to adapt to the 5G network.
  • Restart your smartphone, as it will remove all the temporary glitches that are preventing the 5G network from working.
  • Make sure that the 5G plan has been included within your mobile carrier.
  • Update your smartphone to the latest OS version.
  • If none of the tricks work, then you need to contact the supplier of your OnePlus smartphone by visiting the OnePlus center. 

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