Google Is Rolling Out New Performance & Safety Features To Chrome

  • Google is rolling out more performance and safety features to Chrome.
  • These features will now allow users to use Chrome more conveniently within a safe environment.
  • These features include proactive safety alerts, memory usage of tabs, and saving tab groups, respectively.

Google introduces new features and enhancements to all its services in order to make our lives more convenient and productive. In the series of new and useful features, Google has upgraded its browser, Chrome, and is going to roll out some new performance and safety features. 

Google is rolling out new performance and safety features, including users receiving little more proactive alerts from safety checks, seeing more memory usage details within the Memory saver mode, and saving tab groups, respectively. Beginning this week, Google is rolling out performance and safety features that will certainly help users in getting a more secure and convenient user experience. 

Chrome to get Safety Check Feature

The new Safety Check feature within Chrome is designed in such a way that it automatically runs in the background in order to provide you a proactive safety check alerts if your passwords that are saved in Chrome are potentially harmed, you haven’t installed the latest Chrome version, or you need to pay attention to the site’s permission. 

You can easily find these alerts in the Three-dots menu in Chrome, which is located at the top right corner. On the other hand, by expanding the safety check feature, Chrome can now access your location as well as the microphone.  

Performance Controls get even Smarter

 A year ago, Google introduced a new Memory saver mode within Chrome so that the functionality of Chrome can be improved on desktops. Now, making it even more advanced and beneficial, Google has added memory usage details to the Chrome tabs. In other words, users will get more information about the memory usage details for all the tabs they are currently using. 

With that, while hovering over the tabs within the Memory Saver mode, which involves the potential memory that’s saved when you are not using them. In contrast, in order to set the Memory Saver mode, go to Settings and then enter the performance section, tap on the Memory Saver toggle, and turn it on. 

Save your Tab Groups  

With the tab groups, users get the useful and perfect way to remove and organize tabs in Chrome, especially if they are browsing from different websites. In contrast, Google is going to begin rolling out over the next few weeks; in Chrome, users will now be able to save tab groups, which will allow them to access another desktop and seamlessly interact with the sites.  

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