Android Auto To Bring Google Assistant To Summarize Your Messages Using AI 

  • Google is introducing a new feature to Android Auto.
  • This new feature includes Google Assistant to summarize your messages using AI.
  • APK Insight shared the post and revealed that Android Auto users will be able to turn this feature on/off at any time.

Google pushes another interesting feature to its smart driving companion, Android Auto. In contrast, while driving, it’s perfectly alright to receive a couple of messages, and Android Auto notifies about them, even reading them aloud. But what if you receive a whole bunch of group messages? You will get annoyed and irritated as Android Auto’s read-aloud feature can become disruptive and can easily distract you while driving. 

With that, according to an APK Insight post, Google brings a new feature to Android Auto, which will allow Google Assistant to easily summarize their messages using Artificial Intelligence, especially in busy conversations. While setting up the process, Google prompts a warning that: “These summaries will be generated by artificial intelligence, so it’s possible there could be mistakes.” 

At the same time, Android Auto users will easily be able to turn the feature on/off within the Android Auto settings menu. The string code that significantly described this latest capability within Android Auto was first noticed in the 14.52 version of the Google application. However, it’s currently running in its beta phase, and it’s yet to be clear when this feature will be live for Android Auto users.  

Furthermorethere are several Google services that already offer the summarize feature, but it seems like the closest comparison of Android Auto is Google Chat’s interesting capability to recap Spaces, which helps you speed up your group conversations. 

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