Telegram is Here with Yet Another, Featuring Enhanced Colorful Calls, Thanos Snap Effect, and More

The most popular and widely used instant messaging social media application, Telegram, has pushed another update within the application that significantly brings several new features and enhancements, which is going to improve the user experience. With that, Telegram has rolled out its 10th update of 2023, which includes the addition of an enhanced calling experience with a new colorful design and more.

Yesterday, the instant messaging application pushed its last update of 2023, including the addition of enhanced calls with a new and colorful design, which significantly uses less battery on your phone, and more. Read on to learn more in detail.

Enhanced Calls-

With an already existing calling feature, Telegram, with the latest upgrade, has completely revamped the calling feature of the app, applying new animations along with some really attractive backgrounds, which can significantly change on the basis of your call’s status: Ringing, Active, or Ended, respectively.

In addition, this new interface will enhance the user’s experience and save a lot of battery life on your smartphone. Also, Telegram has fixed a number of bugs and glitches that are occurring regarding the interface. Whereas, more and more enhancements to the connection feature as well as the audio quality are significantly entering 2024.

Deletion of messages gets the Thanos Snap Effect

With this latest update, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, Telegram has added a new Thanos Effect while someone deletes any message. In other words, when the user deletes any message, it will now show a nice Thanos Snap Effect, which looks amazing!

Excellent Bot Update: Reaction and More

Telegram gets its biggest bot update in its history. With all other features, the latest bots will now be able to do a number of things, including reacting to messages, managing reactions, quotes, links, sending replies to other chats, and much more.

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