WhatsApp: How to See Deleted Messages On Android Devices?

WhatsApp, the most popular and widely used instant messaging application, has always ensured to offer users the best and most convenient features that help enhance the user experience in one way or another. In the same context, WhatsApp offers a capability that allows users to delete any message that’s sent accidentally if they don’t wish to send that specific message, or whatever the reason, before the receiver has seen it. At the same time, there are a few workarounds that help you get deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android device. Read on to learn more.

Almost all of us have experienced that while receiving WhatsApp messages from other users, they suddenly delete them after sending them, whether that message was sent accidentally or they don’t wish that you should view them. Such situations become very frustrating, and we usually become curious to know exactly what the message was about.

However, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to see the deleted message sent by the sender. WhatsApp has a Delete for Everyone feature that allows users to delete messages for both the sender and the receiver. At the same time, whenever the sender sent something and deleted the message using the Delete for Everyone option before you could view it, the message was lost. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in feature or setting that could bring that deleted message back again.

How can you see deleted messages on your Android device?

Hence, by performing some workaround, you can potentially see the deleted messages on WhatsApp. Do note that you must have Android 11 or above to use this workaround. Here’s how to:

how to see deleted messages on whatsapp

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