WhatsApp Lets You Set Colour Theme Of The App On iOS Device 

WhatsApp is planning something new for enhancing the iOS user experience, for which it has submitted a new update for delivering a new feature named themes.

WhatsApp is rolling out a new beta update for iOS users. With this update, it is working on a theme feature for choosing the main color of the application, which will enhance the user experience. Let’s take a closer look at this new update.

WhatsApp has delivered this update with its own identification build number, which is v24.1.10.70, so the users can easily identify the new update with this version number. However, for now, the brand has rolled out this update in the beta stage, and it is only available for some of the lucky beta testers.

WhatsApp is working on a new section where the users will get the power to choose the new main branding color of the application as per their choice. Basically, this means that users can easily change the default color of the app once this update gets stable. For this, the brand will offer multiple color shades, allowing users to experiment and find the perfect color that will better suit their’ preferences.

The users will get five options to choose the color. With this feature, the brand is offering more control over the users’ personal accounts. Apart from this, another key advantage the users will get is the potential for improved accessibility. This feature will deliver a new vibe by permitting users to change the main branding color.

However, as mentioned above, at the moment the feature is in the developing stage and only available to some of the lucky beta testers. But soon, the brand will make this update available widely. For now, interested users can easily get the update through the TestFlight beta program.


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