Google is Planning to Declutter an Android Security Feature from Android Devices

  • Google is planning to remove a security feature, the Android Protected Confirmation (APC), from Android phones.
  • The APC feature ensures that users perform their transactions from trusted applications.
  • Google plans to remove the APC feature due to its low adoption by several smartphone brands.

Android smartphone technologies have become so advanced, and every Android smartphone comes with a slew of security features that are significantly designed to keep you secure from several cyber attacks. However, users do not utilize all the security features that are incorporated within their Android devices, and hence, these features need to be removed for certain reasons. Similarly, Google is planning to remove a security feature of Android, the Android Protected Confirmation (APC), from Android smartphones.

The APC, or Android Protected Confirmation, is the feature that makes sure that users must use only trusted applications for their transactions, which is a very useful security feature, but Google seems to declutter it from each Android device anyway! At the same time, several reports suggest that Google is soon going to declutter the APC security feature, probably due to the lower adoption by smartphone brands.

According to Mishaal Rahhman, a reliable Android tipster, on X shared a post revealing that Google wishes to remove the Android Protected Confirmation potentially due to less adoption by smartphone brands. Meanwhile, the APC security feature was first introduced with Android 9, but it does not seem to have any benefit for current smartphones.

The most prominent aim of Google’s use of the Android Protected Confirmation is that users can perform their most crucial transactions entirely outside the main operating system, but smartphone brands haven’t adopted the feature on a large scale, which was zero, so Google decided that it’s better to remove it from the Android ecosystem.

On the other hand, although the security patches are considered the standard protocol for Android devices, with the arrival of the most anticipated Android 14, the brand has to perform a lot of work in acknowledging several high and severe malfunctions in the coming updates. Doing this will give users a sense of peace that Google will be analyzing threats on their Android devices.

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