Top 5 Best AIO Coolers 2024 for Gaming PCs

AIO stands for ‘All in One’ cooler, which is pretty convenient and budgetable as compared to custom liquid cooling loops. These are the complete package, consisting of a radiator, fan, pump, tubes, and cooling units that reliably cool your CPU.

Here we are discussing the Top 5 Best AIO Cooler 2024 for gaming PCs, so that you can easily choose the best out of the rest.

1. Lian Li Galahad II Performance 360

Lian Li Galahad II Performance 360 is one of the best and most capable AIO coolers; it features a low-noise mode that does not even result in performance reduction when paired with most CPUs. This is priced at $169.99; undoubtedly, it’s well worth this price.

Its dimensions are 396 x 130 x 32 mm. Whereas the fans include (3) 120 x 28 mm. The brand has allotted it a socket support, which includes: 1700/1200/1151/115x AMD: AM5/AM4, and 5 years of warranty. It features low noise and full performance modes, a 360mm AIO, extremely strong noise-normalized performance, and a competitive price.

2. Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 ARGB

The Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 ARGB has a 398 x 38 x 120mm dimension and weighs 1729 g. The dimensions of the fans appear to be 120 x 120 x 25mm. Socket Support: Intel: 1700, 1200, 115X, 2011-3*, 2066** Square ILM; AMD: AM5, AM4, AM3(+), plus 6 years on warranty.

It features a silent but strong cooling performance, handles up to 290W loads with Intel’s i9-13900K, won’t get in the way of your height, and many more capabilities. It cooled the Core i9-13900k and the DeepCool LT720 as well. It also stays pretty quieter; Arctic’s 360-mm cooler handled over 290W along with the 13900K, making it a fine choice for those who prefer demanding workloads.

3. Corsair iCUE H170i Elite LCD XT

The Corsair iCUE H170i Elite LCD XT AIO offers remarkable cooling performance. It counts 27mm thickness, 140mm width, 457mm depth, (3) 140 x 25mm fans, and a Socket Support; Intel LGA 1700, 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2066; AMD AM5, AM4, AM3, sTRX4, sTR4.

It features the strongest coller handling up to 325W, a comprehensive software suite, a 2.1-inch high-quality IPS display, and fan curves tied to coolant temperature instead of CPU temperature. Also, it won’t get in the way of the tall RAM.

4. Lian Li Galahad II LCD 280

Lian Li Galahad II LCD 280 has dimensions of 396 x 130 x 32mm and (3) 120 x 28 mm fans. It features stronger than most 360mm AIOs, low noise levels, and a vibrant 2.9-inch IPS LCD display. Its performance is remarkable as compared to the other AIOs, and it is limited to a 280mm size, which means that it will fit in multiple cases where a 360mm model is unable to.

Galahad II LCD 280 is priced at $229, and it seems to be at the expensive end of the AIO spectrum. But the customers who do not prefer LCD displays can go with the budget-friendly one; the non-LCD version of the Galahad II is available for $ 159.99 for the 360mm version and $ 119.99 for the 240mm model.

5. Lian Li Galahad II Trinity Performance 240

Lian Li Galahad II Trinity 240mm has a strong 240mm AIO. Its dimensions are 277 x 119 x 52mm, (2) 120 x 25 mm fans, and socket support: Intel: 1700/1200/1151/115x; AMD: AM5/AM4, plus five years of warranty.

It features class-leading performance, is competitive with 360mm AIOs, has low noise levels in common workloads, is reasonably priced, and has many other features. The brand has priced this Lian Li Galahad II Trinity 240mm at just $1119.99.

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