Android Auto to get AI summaries, suggested replies, and more, confirmed Google

  • Google has announced that Android Auto will get new AI features.
  • These features include summarizing your group chats, suggesting replies and actions, and getting your smartphone experience in your car.
  • It seems like Google will roll out the latest AI upgrades to every Android Auto user soon.

Android Auto, Google’s most advanced and intelligent car assistant app, is getting better with each incoming update. Which allows users to seamlessly connect their smartphone to their car’s dashboard and focus on the road completely while driving in order to avoid any potential risk. In contrast, Google has recently introduced plenty of new upgrades, including the AI capabilities for Android Auto.

At the same time, in the recent past, it was spotted that Google is preparing to introduce the summaries feature, which will allow Android Auto to automatically summarize long texts or group chats while driving. In contrast, Android Auto notifies you about a couple of messages and even reads them aloud while you are driving, which is perfectly fine, but getting an entire collection of group messages with Android Auto reading them aloud can become very annoying and disruptive. Thankfully, Google is here with an excellent alternative in the form of AI summaries.

AI Summaries to Summarize Your Group Texts

In the meantime, Google has found a nice solution and is going to introduce AI Summaries to Android Auto, which will allow the car assistant to offer helpful summaries of each incoming text message. While hitting the play button, the Google Assistant will read aloud the summary of your text message.

Seamlessly reply with Android Auto’s suggested replies and actions.

With that, Android Auto will significantly suggest some relevant replies and actions according to your message received, basically in the form of incoming messages, including sharing your ETA, making an instant call, and beginning navigation to any particular location that’s shared with you.

Get your smartphone experience on your car’s dashboard.

Google has also informed us that Android Auto will have the capability of mirroring your Samsung device’s wallpaper and app icon designs entirely on your car’s dashboard. This means you can easily get a more consistent experience from your smartphone in your car. Additionally, this capability has been in the beta phase for over a few days, and it seems like Google will soon release the stable version to everyone.

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