Seagate Launches Largest-Ever 30TB Internal Hard Drive for PCs

Seagate 30TB Internal Hard Drive For PCs: As the tech industry has been evolving over time, following certain advancements, Seagate has introduced its latest Exos 30TB hard drive with a number of features. This is going to be the device with the largest storage capacity till now, significantly designed for industrial use; however, Seagate claimed that this newest hard drive will be first released to hyperscale cloud customers only.

As per the announcement, Seagate revealed that it’s currently working on introducing a hard drive with the largest storage capacity, which is significantly known as the Exos, that will feature a storage capacity of about 30TB, which is huge! Seagate’s new Exos 30TB hard drive is going to set the stage, marking the first storage equipment with the largest storage capacity. However, the company further concludes that the latest Exos 30TB hard drive might hit the market in the 1st quarter of 2024.

Seagate 30TB Internal Hard Drive For PCs

Meanwhile, the hard drives essentially offer raw data storage capacity, and nothing can compete with that, so, with some noticeable advancements, Seagate has introduced the most huge storage capacitive hard drive, the Exos 30TB, which will primarily focus on offering more space, especially for the customers who always need a huge amount of storage space.

As mentioned, Seagate is primarily focusing on releasing the latest Exos 30TB hard drive to hyperscale cloud customers first; however, the company hasn’t yet revealed the plan to release the drive to common people. At the same time, it is going to arrive with a slightly higher price tag, which can presumably be around $450 for the latest Exos 30TB hard drive. On the flip side, the dollar-to-terabyte price tag of this hard drive might be a steal for those who need large storage capacity.

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