Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Is the Device Literally Waterproof or Just Water Resistant?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Waterproof?

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series, comprising the Galaxy S24, S24+, and the higher-end S24 Ultra, is finally on the market. The latest Galaxy S24 series comes with several impressive features and specifications, and Samsung unpacked its latest devices at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event held last month. At the same time, its higher and more advanced model, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, has arrived with numerous features, including the IP rating. The device sports IP68 certification, but is the newest Galaxy S24 Ultra literally waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Waterproof
image credit: Ramesh Bakotra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has arrived with numerous impressive features and specifications, from several enhancements and improvements to certain factors to being the first ever AI-powered Galaxy flagship smartphone. At the same time, despite sporting other key features, Samsung has incorporated IP68 ratings into the device, making it protected against water submersion and dust splashing.

Most smartphone manufacturers offer IP ratings within their devices, but they can’t be perfect or permanently suitable up to the device’s lifetime and can be easily vanished with regular wear and tear of the device, while the new Galaxy S24 Ultra is claimed to have an IP68 rating, which means that it can easily handle up to 1.5 meters of water submerged for about 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Waterproof
image credit: Ramesh Bakotra

As mentioned, the IP68 rating can vanish with regular wear and tear of the device, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra can only handle water splashes for some time, so the device can’t be said to be waterproof; instead, it’s water-resistant, as no device can be entirely waterproof, but it can be water-resistant. This certainly means that the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is fully water-resistant but not waterproof.

What is an IP rating?

In case you are unfamiliar, an IP, or Ingress Protection Rating, is given to any smartphone when it’s tested for both solid and liquid ingress in controlled laboratories. When any device is incorporated with an IP68 rating, the first digit following the IP rating, which is 6, indicates that the device is fully protected against solid ingress like dust, while the second digit within the IP rating, which is 8, highlights the device is protected against liquid ingress, which is water.

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