Bose Ultra Open Earbuds Review 

The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds adopt a unique and unusual design that has not been seen in any company’s Buds in the last several years. They clip on the edge of your ears like an earring. It also has the facility of a microspeaker, which does not cause any problems when listening to the outside. 

The global market price of $299 is justified by its features. It provides you with a comfortable, secure fit and very good sound quality. The Bose company has improved its build quality a lot over the years. Here are some features of the earbuds: 

The Amazing Design and Built Quality 

The company launched their earbuds with amazing designs because no other company did not use that cool design. It will look like an earring and can hug your ears; it will also tighten your ears so you will not worry about falling down. It comes with water, dust, and sweat resistance and an IPX4 rating. 

The weight of the earbuds is 6.4 grams each, and the weight of the case is 44 grams, which is easy to carry and will fit in your pocket easily. The dimension of the case is 42x65x26 mm, which shows that it will be small in size. 

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The outstanding battery life 

It packs the best battery, which gives a backup of seven and a half hours with one charge, while the case is twenty-seven hours long. According to the battery life, it comes with a long-term battery. You can enjoy your entertainment for a long time, but it is not confirmed that it will work properly in the airplane or not. This feature is shown in newly launched earbuds from brands like Redmi and Xiaomi. It will be charged with USB Type-CC which is easily available to everyone. 

The Impressive Sound Quality 

The sounds fully block the outside noise and give a user a private timespace. Users are comparing it to the Redmi, Xiaomi, and Boat earbuds, but after the improvements, it will be ready to compete with Apple Earpods. Even though it is the cheapest, the company has not made any compromises in its quality.

It has an auto-volume system that keeps increasing or decreasing the volume of your buds according to external sound, which has not been seen in the buds of any company till now. You can control it with just one touch. 

The connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.3 (SBC, AAC, and apX Adaptive), which will easily pair with your device and give you a great feel. These features make it clear that these earbuds are pocket-friendly and have great features. It will be the best option for you.

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds: Review 

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