How Many Software Updates Oneplus 12 Will Get?

A few days back, the OnePlus 12 got its first update and new news spread. How many updates are received for the OnePlus 12 series? Here, we are talking about the Four OS and Five security updates. In this long-term update, we are getting the best software and security. Our devices work perfectly for a longer time. 

Plus, the OnePlus is still sticking to the four-year software update and five years of security update cycle for its 12 series. Earlier, other companies shared that the Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24 series are getting seven years of software updates. 

Oneplus 12 Software Update Policy

The OnePlus 12 and 12R were recently launched in India and have also received an update. These devices are known for better cameras, software, and hardware. It has received updates for only five years. 

On the other hand, the company owner says that if any smartphone gets seven years of software updates, it does not matter because many things of the smartphone get damaged after three or four years, and almost all the users change it. 

But this will not happen in OnePlus handsets, and they will get the same sub-data. Even companies like Apple have limited their updates. The same changes will be made in this update as in the previous one. 

On the other hand, this update has many benefits, such as security and privacy, and provides new features. It comes with the best quality and improvement for the handsets and fixes the automatic handsets’ bugs, threats, camera, calling, and background issues.  

DeviceSoftware UpdatesSecurity Updates
OnePlus 12Four yearsFive years
OnePlus 12RFour yearsFive years

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