Samsung TU690T Review: An Amazing Smart TV with a 4K Crystal Display!

Samsung has a brilliant collection of electronics items, and smart TVs are no exception. The brand is considered the biggest electronics manufacturer in the world, having a wide range of incredible functionalities and features. In a similar context, the great Korean brand has launched another smart TV within its highly-admired TU series, the Samsung TU690T smart TV. This TV sports some incredible features, including a crisp and vivid display panel, powerful picture quality due to the Crystal Processor 4K, stunning details in HDR, a perfect fit with your house’s ecosystem, and more. 

Since the TU690T was launched in 2022, this smart TV is suitable for universal purposes, from normal streaming of movies and TV shows to some casual gaming. Despite its brilliance, let’s have a detailed look at the review mentioned below, as every specification and feature looks amazing on paper, while the practical experience is essential as well. 

The Samsung TU690T Smart TV Review


Starting off with one of the most prominent aspects, the design, The Samsung TU690T comes with a stunning, sleek, yet super slim design. This smart TV sports a nice-looking, boundless, 3-bezel-less design. The TV’s excellent colors that look great on its display. Not only has its stunning design caught attention, but the TV also offers an interactive yet realistic experience while watching your favorite movies and TV shows. 


With regards to the display, the Samsung TU690T smart TV features a 4K-powered Crystal UHD display panel, which allows you to enter into a new world of interactive experiences for watching movies and TV shows and playing games, respectively. The smart TV is powered by the Crystal Processor, which comes with 4K UHD upscaling technology, allowing you to stream all your favorite content that’s rich in contrast and details while also having a wide spectrum of HDR colors. The best part of the Crystal Processor is that the 4K upscaling is automatically performed so that you can have stunningly bright yet vivid colors while streaming movies and TV shows. 

PurColor Crystal Display

Samsung TU690T Smart TV Review

Not just the 4K upscaling, the display of this smart TV produces some fine-tuned colors, while its most interactive and innovative technology automatically detects and optimizes the colors produced on-screen, which looks both amazing and realistic at the same time. In other words, while watching your favorite content, the Crystal display suddenly offers you a new look with more precise details and colors while watching your favorite content. Other than that, the display screen is also infused with Direct Lit LED technology, which produces black and white LED bulbs that are significantly arranged in a row behind the screen in order to offer enhanced contrast while also bringing true colors to your favorite content. 

A Universal Guide

The Samsung TU690T smart TV offers an interactive yet time-consuming experience with a Universal Guide, which allows you to quickly find your favorite movies and TV shows in no time, all in one place. With that, you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the content that you want to watch. With just a simple guide that significantly appears on-screen to help you out with some tailored recommendations on the basis of your streaming history,. 

An experience that suits your home ecosystem

Feel more connected, as this Samsung smart TV works exceptionally well with Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2, respectively. The integration with Amazon Alexa offers you the flexibility to operate several Alexa-powered devices so that you can just ask Alexa to perform some basic operations like turning on the smart TV, changing channels, volume controls, and much more while just sitting comfortably on your couch. 

On the flip side, with seamless coordination with Apple AirPlay 2, the Samsung smart TV offers you the flexibility to either stream your favorite content or mirror the same content from your different Apple devices to the bigger screen. This includes playing your favorite movies or TV shows, listening to music, and much more from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices directly on your Samsung smart TV.


Samsung TU690T Smart TV Connectivity

With respect to connectivity, the Samsung TU690T smart TV comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity support that allows you to have a seamless wireless network. Speaking of the input and output sources, the smart TV consists of 2 HDMI ports, an HDMI quick switch, an HDMI A port, and a Digital Audio Out port, respectively. This significantly helps you to have seamless yet uninterrupted streaming.


With that, this is the end, but if you are thinking of buying the Samsung TU690T smart TV, then you can definitely go for it, as the TV has a number of positives, including its stunning display performance due to the Crystal processor with the 4K upscaling capability, a much more precise and detailed content viewing experience, Direct Lit LED technology, a universal guide with tailored recommendations, and the straight integration through Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2 that allows you to have the flexibility to stream your favorite content from different Apple devices to your Samsung smart TV and also ask Alexa to perform several tasks. 

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