Chrome Gets A New Experimental AI Feature That Will Help You Write Anything Online

  • Google introduced a new experimental AI feature, Help Me Write, for the Chrome Browser.
  • This latest AI-powered tool will certainly help you to write anything within Chrome using Gemini Models.
  • With the launch of Chrome M122, the new Help Me Write feature is now available in English on Mac and Windows PCs for US-based Chrome users.

Google is currently busy rolling out new features and updates to many of its services to make the user experience much more convenient and advanced. In a similar context, this big tech giant has recently introduced an incredible feature to Google Chrome, the Help Me Write, which is an all-new experimental AI-powered tool. 

Google Chrome recently got the latest Help Me Write, a new experimental AI feature that will help you write any content online confidently. This new AI-powered tool will use Gemini models to help you write about your favorite content, or it even allows you to edit or refine the content that you have already written. 

With that, the new Help Me Write feature will also provide you with writing suggestions based on your content for certain short-form content, including writing reviews about any product, inquiring about plane reservations, or writing descriptions about any item sold online. 

Following the latest launch of Chrome M122 this week, Google has confirmed that you can use the new experimental AI-powered Help Me Write feature, now available in English on Mac and Windows PCs for US-based Chrome users. 

In contrast, to enable the new Help Me Write feature, users need to follow a few simple steps- first off, sign in to their Chrome Browser, then choose the Settings option that you will find by tapping on the three dots menu and then head straight to the Experimental AI page. You will see the Help Me Write option; tap it to enable it or turn it on. Once enabled, on an open text field in Chrome, right-click and choose the Help Me Write option, and now, you are good to go.   


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