How Many Software Updates Will iQOO Neo 9 Pro Get?

Android smartphones come with several interesting features and functionalities simultaneously; if you have one, you would definitely want it to last as long as possible, especially when you have spent your penny.

Similarly, you can significantly increase the shelf life of your Android device, and that’s where the software updates come into power. The software updates help your device last longer and keep it safe internally from various bugs and malware.

With that, each smartphone manufacturer decides a certain software update policy for their respective smartphones, and iQOO is no different. While here, you will learn how many software updates the iQOO Neo 9 Pro can receive.

In contrast, iQOO has introduced the iQOO Neo 9 Pro with several interesting features and functionalities, but what about the software updates? 

iQOO Neo 9 Pro Software Update Policy

Software updates are an essential aspect of a smartphone, which significantly helps it get new interesting features and enhancements that come once a year while keeping it safe and secure with monthly security patches.

With that, according to the software update policy, iQOO Neo 9 Pro is committed to getting 3 major OS updates and 4 years of security patch updates. 

Since launching with Android 14-based FuntouchOS 14, out of the box, the iQOO Neo 9 Pro is eligible to receive 3 major OS updates till Android 17; when it comes to the security patches, the device will get 4 years of security patches till 2028, respectively.   

AspectiQOO Neo 9 Pro
Major OS Updates3 (From Android 14 to Android 17)
Security Patch Updates4 years (Till 2028)
Initial OS VersionAndroid 14-based FuntouchOS 14

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