OnePlus 12’s Aqua Touch Display Feature Tested In JerryRig Videos

There is no denying that OnePlus has maintained its series’ reputation with the launch of the OnePlus 12 in 2024. JerryRig’s video compares its Aqua Touch display with the iPhone 15 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. 

In this video, their display was first tested with water drops, and their aqua touch quality was tested by touching the iPhone 15 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, and OnePlus 12 screen. Which the iPhone 15 Pro loses this battle firstly and on the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and OnePlus 12 work properly. 

Plus, scratches were tested on it, but the OnePlus 12 tolerated it, and after a lot of effort, it is getting scratches, but in very minor ones. It won our hearts by passing this test on the back and the camera. But it would quickly fade on the sides; it also did not make any difference in the front under the display camera. 

After this, the YouTuber pushed it hard and tried to break it, but it only moved slightly, and it seemed to be the stronger phone. Thus, many people have tested it in their own way, and it has passed easily in all of them. 

According to this, this phone will leave the iPhone behind regarding Aqua Touch and strength. The front screen is strong in this phone, and the back side glass has been strengthened. 

OnePlus 12 Aqua Touch

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