Is the Vivo Y200e Ultra Waterproof?

Vivo has been one of the great Chinese smartphone manufacturers for years, bringing the most incredible features and specs to its smartphones at a reasonable price point, whether budget-focused, mid-range, or flagships. Vivo has just introduced its latest mid-range device, the significantly feature-packed Vivo Y200e 5G. With that, does the device have an IP rating? Let’s find out. 

Impressive Features of Vivo Y200e 5G

As mentioned, the latest Vivo Y200e comes with several impressive features and specs, including its stunning yet durable eco-fibre leather finish, astonishing AMOLED Ultra Vision display, powerful Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 chipset, reliable 5,000mAh battery pack with 44W FlashCharge support, and proficient camera capabilities. As all these features are more or less important for the smooth and better functioning of the device, even durability is equally important, including protection against water and dust particles. 

Understanding IP Ratings

Most smartphone manufacturers incorporate IP ratings into their devices, while Vivo is no exception. The brand’s newest phone, the Vivo Y200e, also features an IP certification. In contrast, an IP, or Ingress Protection Rating, is the standard mark for highlighting that the phone has been tested against two types of ingress: solid ingress, which is fine dust particles, and liquid ingress, which is water. 

The IP68 is considered the highest level of rating, and only the device is considered fully waterproof. In terms of the Vivo Y200e, the phone has arrived with an IP54 rating, which is bounded by IP5X for being dust-resistant and IPX4 ratings for being water-resistant. This means that the device is water- and dust-resistant but not waterproof; it’s only capable of handling some water splashes, and it’s not advisable to take the phone near water bodies or try to submerge it in water.

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