Is the Honor Magic 6 Pro waterproof?

Honor has seen significant growth with time, bringing some stunning devices that sport some of the best possible features and specifications, respectively. People highly admire its devices, which encourages the company to launch more impressive and feature-loaded smartphones. In contrast, Honor is here with yet another phone, the Honor Magic 6 Pro, with several interesting and sought-after features and specs, but the most prominent question that arises is: is the new Honor Magic 6 Pro literally waterproof?

Importance of Durability

In contrast, when buying a new smartphone, we come across several different questions and analyses regarding the device, from its features to its longevity, and of course, durability plays a major role in keeping a phone for a longer time. Simultaneously, it’s very important that the phone be durable enough to withstand a water pourdown. If you are thinking of buying the latest handset, then you will be amazed to know that the latest Honor Magic 6 Pro comes with an IP68 certification. 

IP68 Certification

Honor has offered an IP68 rating to the Honor Magic 6 Pro, which indeed makes it a fully waterproof device. Simultaneously, the IP68 rating is considered the highest level of marking for any device, which is protected against both solid and liquid ingress, respectively. With regards to the Magic 6 Pro, in an IP, or Ingress Protection rating, the first digit, which is 6, highlights the protection against solid ingress, that is, fine dust particles. This means that the device is highly dust-proof. It can easily handle fine dust particles. 

Waterproof Capabilities

On the flip side, the second is for liquid ingress, which is water, while 8 is considered the highest mark of protection, and this clearly indicates that the Magic 6 Pro is fully waterproof and not water resistant, as it can easily handle water splashed over it along with submersion of water up to 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes. So, you would not have to worry about getting the Honor Magic 6 Pro harmed by water, as it’s a strong device.

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