Instagram Introduces New Excited Chat Feature To Enhance The Chatting Experience

Instagram is ready to give some new features in Chats and messages via the updates, and according to it, you can make any message in a new edit message. Through this new feature, you can easily enjoy chatting and save it with the pin. 

This new feature also includes emojis in the chats more than before. It can make it easy to show emotions during the chats. You can easily edit your messages fifteen minutes after sending them, and it gets some new animated features in the chats. go to the chat < tap the messages < chose edit option < edit and send.

Additionally, you can save your favorite stickers and reply to messages with GIFs, videos, photos, and voice messages using stickers. The best feature of this is to pin the chat to the top of the inbox. 

Instagram’s new chatting features match Telegram’s new features. Among its new features, you’ll be able to pin up to three group or 1:1 chats for easy access, as well as choose to turn read receipts on or off for all chats or specific chats as you wish. Additionally, you can toggle read receipts in DMs. In this, if you read any receipt, then others will easily know you can also turn it on or off. To turn it off in chat, you have to follow these steps – first, go to account settings, then tap messages and story replies. Next, tap show read receipts. Finally, toggle read receipts on or off for all your chats, and you can also turn read receipts on from the settings if two phone screens are showing. 

You can pin your favorite chats and bring them to the top, which will be very convenient for you. To do this, you have to first swipe left, then tap and hold on the chat. After that, tap PIN, and you will get this facility. 

There is a new feature through which you can personalize your chat with more themes. This time, you can also create your own avatar, and many other features are also given so that you can use them with new jokes and other themes. To change the theme of this chat, you have to tap on the name of the chat above, then go to themes and choose any one of the available themes. 

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