Battery Usage Settings Redesign In Pixel Via Android 14 QPR2 Update

Android 14 QPR2, which we have all been waiting for a long time, has been released, and the company has released new news about the battery charge for Pixel devices. Even before this, the company has given a lot of information about Android 14 and its updates, which we have already revealed. 

Users are always worried about battery backups on every handset, and many companies need help with backups. Now, Google has come up with a new solution to save energy. In this, you will get three options for battery usage – Unrestricted, optimized, and restricted. You can increase the backup capacity at your convenience by keeping your device in these modes. 

These modes will allow you to use the battery in the background without any restrictions where battery usage is highest. You can customize them based on your usage and restrict battery usage while using the phone. 

To use it, you first need to touch “Manage battery usages” and then “Allow background usage”. After this, you will have to enable real-time updates per your requirements. Now, you can use this facility. 

This change is available on the Android 14 QPR3 beta, but it is not clear whether it comes with the Android 15 Developer Review or not. Looking at Google’s old updates, we can say that the company will keep bringing new features to make everything easier, which will also create a lot of convenience for the users. 


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