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Xiaomi HyperOS: How To Zoom In On The Phone Screen?

It’s been a while since Xiaomi introduced its latest custom Android skin, the Xiaomi HyperOS, replacing its old companion MIUI on all of the smartphones that are eligible to get the new HyperOS skin. Similarly, the new Xiaomi HyperOS skin has arrived with an array of smart features and upgrades that will significantly help in redefining the user experience while also offering an interactive user interface. One such feature that certainly caught the user’s attention is the phone screen zooming feature, but people might be wondering how they can zoom in on their phone’s screen. 

The Xiaomi HyperOS brings a phone screen zooming feature that allows people to zoom into their phone’s screen as per their requirements. Simultaneously, this feature is considered to be the most useful for people with weak eyesight who are unable to properly read small letters or see minor objects, respectively. At times, a phone’s letters and words are set to small by default, but with the zooming capability, users can easily zoom in. Now, users will be able to zoom into their phone’s screen as per their requirements. 

How to zoom in on the phone screen ?

Also, this zooming feature will help people read e-books by magnifying their phone’s screen, seeing small letters, and reading some essential news content. With that, as mentioned, the new Xiaomi HyperOS has several impressive features and functionalities for the convenience of the users. In contrast, through some simple steps mentioned below, you can easily zoom in on your phone’s screen:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on the Additional Settings tab.
  • Click on the accessibility option.
  • Select Vision.
  • Then, choose the magnification option.
  • Here, simply turn on the magnifying glass shortcut.
  • Finally, just tap on the magnifying glass icon when you want to use the magnification on your phone’s screen.

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