YouTube Introduces Mandatory Disclosure for AI-Generated Content

  • YouTube announced that it’s introducing a new feature that will help creators disclose altered or synthetic content made using generative AI.
  • After the update, viewers will notice a new label on the video that says, “Altered or Synthetic Content” if the video is made using AI.
  • The platform will release the feature across all YouTube formats,including the phone app, desktop, and TV, over the coming weeks. 

YouTube, the popular video streaming service, has unveiled that the platform is introducing an all-new yet useful tool for creators to significantly disclose the altered or synthetic content that uses generative AI. 

YouTube officially announced through its blog that the platform is presenting a new and useful tool that will help the creators in order to identify whether their video has synthetic or altered content or not, which means this new tool will offer complete control to the creators that the video content is realistic or has some altered or synthetic content within it, as the video content might seem to be so realistic, but it has been made with some synthetic or altered content through the generative AI. 

The new feature will enable content creators to easily reveal fake video content, thereby significantly assisting all viewers in staying aware of such fraudulent videos synthesized using Generative AI. This new feature aims to strengthen transparency between the creators and the viewers. However, it’s important to note that the platform does not require creators to disclose content, which includes any unrealistic content that is animated, uses some special effects, or uses some generative AI for promotion.

In addition, after the update, you will get to see a new label on the video that says, “Altered or synthetic content,” in case the content is not real and was made using generative AI. Over the coming weeks, YouTube promises to roll out the new label across all YouTube formats, including your phone, desktop, and TV.

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