OnePlus 12 Latest Update Introduces New DSDA Feature

A few days ago, OnePlus rolled out a new update to its flagship OnePlus 12 in the form of the March 2024 security patch. The update introduced several features and enhancements, but most significantly, it included the all-new functionality of DSDA support, allowing phones to use both their SIMs simultaneously. With that, read on to learn more about the latest DSDA feature. 

The new March 2024 security patch update to the OnePlus 12, coming with the CPH2573_14.0.0.604 (EX01) build version, brings several important functionalities, tweaks, and enhancements. Meanwhile, it also introduced an all-new DSDA feature, which was not available initially, but following the March update, various OnePlus 12 users have been using it. 

The new inclusion of the DSDA feature, which stands for Dual SIM Dual Active, is basically a functionality that allows your phone to seamlessly use two active SIMs simultaneously. This feature is exactly opposite to the DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby), where your device allows only one SIM to actively work while putting the other on standby. On the flip side, the DSDA, or Dual SIM Dual Active, permits the device to use both SIMs actively for texts, calls, and internet simultaneously. 

Features of DSDA:

The latest DSDA is a next-gen multi-SIM technology that allows 5G phones to concurrently use two cellular connections on the basis of two different SIM subscriptions. It comes with several features and advantages that include that each SIM will operate independently, while the second SIM will also be operated if there’s some issues regarding the network in the first SIM. 

The DSDA will allow users to use both their SIMs simultaneously for making or receiving calls, using the internet, and texting someone. It offers much more flexibility and convenience while enhancing the overall user experience, especially for those who have to manage two different phone numbers or network connections for their professional and personal space. 

Uses of DSDA:

In addition, some of the of the most significant uses of the DSDA technology include:

  • Dual data, as both SIM 1 and 2 could offer you access to data. 
  • Gaming and data, along with voice, mean you can have uninterrupted calling while also enjoying gaming sessions and data. SIM 1 is for gaming and data, while SIM 2 operates voice calling.
  • Voice+ means you can use both SIMs simultaneously, allowing you to accept, reject, or hold calls on your second SIM while being on a voice call with your first SIM. 
  • Gaming and data along with SMS: this means that you can play games or use data with your first SIM while also having SMS conversations through your second SIM.

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