Is Realme 12X 5G Waterproof?

This question must be arising in your mind: Is Realme 12X 5G waterproof? To date, Xiaomi has showcased many of its phones, often creating a stir in the market. Remember, Realme 12 X 5G is going to enter the market soon, and we have already informed you about it. 

The IP ratings in the device indicate water and dust-repellent properties, and it is believed that the higher the IP rating, the more protection it provides. The Realme 12x 5G is tipped to have an IP54 rating that can withstand just splashes. The first digit is 5, which means that the phone is highly capable of barring the entry of fine dust or sand particles and becomes completely dustproof. 

On the other hand, the second number is 4 for water, which is not considered the highest mark of protection against water. This means that the phone is only capable of handling splashes of water. Thus, it has been proved that the new Realme 12x 5G has a lower rating, but all the upcoming devices now come with IP68. We advise you to keep your phone away from water, and the company has yet to claim anywhere that this device will work properly after getting completely wet. 

Expected Special Specifications

The device would be run on the Android v14 and equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 6100 plus 12GB of RAM. The display includes 6.67 inch, FHD+, IPS LCD, 120Hz refresh rate etc. For the camera, the device would include a 50MP/2MP at the backside and an 8 MP front camera for the selfie with LED Flashes. The battery houses 5000 mAh and is fast-charging. We expected the price of the device to be Rs.11,999. 

Realme 12x

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