Introducing Telegram Business: New Business Features, including Quick Replies, Greeting Messages, and More

The most popular messaging social media platform, Telegram, has always amazed people, bringing the most sought-after yet unique features and capabilities within the application. Soon after introducing numerous features, including stories for groups, Telegram has entered the business category, introducing Telegram Business. This will allow you to turn your Telegram account into a business account while also having access to a wide range of new business features. 

The new Telegram Business brought up some exciting new business features, including hours and locations, a start page, quick replies, greeting messages, away messages, tags for chats, and much more. With that, you can now use all these business features very easily without having to need any special skills to use them. 

Start Page: 

Telegram Business will allow you to customize your start page for the empty chats by selecting the text or stickers that best suit your business and that will appear in front of people before beginning the conversation. This will help in showcasing the best possible features of your products and services, which will attract customers through the designed artwork. 

Hours and Location:

If you are engaged in some kind of business, then with the new business features, you will now be able to show the opening hours and your place’s location on the map. This will allow customers to quickly find your exact location and see if the place is currently open or closed. 

Greeting Messages: 

Now users can set greeting messages that will be sent to the people who are contacting you for the first time, ensuring that they can get instant replies along with some important information. With that, the greeting can also include answers to some frequently asked questions or more details about your business, though. In addition, you also get the flexibility to specify a period for your greetings; after that, your greeting will be re-sent in the form of a new message to the user. 

Quick replies: 

With the Telegram Business, you will now be able to create quick replies, which are basically shortcuts that can be used for sending preset messages, along with the support of text formatting, links, stickers, media, and other files, respectively. This will allow you to send all the important information quickly that the customers require, like what’s new on the menu. Or any important file or PDF, here’s how to:

Just type “/” along with the specific word you want to give a quick reply to in the message bar, and a significant panel will appear in front of you with the quick replies that you can send or edit to the customer with just a single tap. Do note that this will only work within your private chats and not in the group chats. 

Away Messages: 

The away message is one of the new business features that allows you to set an away message that will be sent later to inform customers when your business will remain closed while you are heading towards a vacation or else you have urgent work. These are automated messages; moreover, you can even induce certain limitations on your automated messages in order to keep some specific chats or an entire chat category out of reach. 

Links to Chat: 

You can now create links to chat with your business, just like a button to track your order or book a table in a restaurant. Thus, it will be easier for the customers to reach out to you more comfortably and quickly. When the customer taps on the link, it will automatically open up the chat with the customer and paste the suggested message. These links can be easily used both inside and outside of the Telegram application, including a QR code on a restaurant menu or any link to your site. Additionally, every link that you have created will show you the number of times it’s been tapped, so you can easily check the progress. 

Tags for chats:

Now you can easily add various colored labels to the chats with Telegram Business or Premium in order to provide them with very unique tags based on the chat folder. This will help you to quickly differentiate and identify your customers in your chat list on the basis of their status, needs, and other priorities. 

Chatbots for Business: 

Now, with Telegram Business, you will be able to connect the Telegram bots that will respond to every message on your behalf. With that, you can even tell your bot which chats are accessible to it; moreover, you can choose from two options: all your 1-on-1 chats, except some specific chats, and only some selected chats from your contacts. 

Additionally, all the Telegram Business features are currently available free of charge to all Telegram Premium subscribers. To check, you need to head to Telegram’s settings >> Telegram Business. If you have not received the update yet, you need to wait, as the update will be rolled out in the upcoming update.

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