Google to Introduce a New Gemini-Powered “Summarize This Email” Feature to Gmail for Android 

Google has already started infusing the Gemini AI model into some of its services, but the latest signs have been significantly pointing out that the company is planning to bring Gemini’s Summarize this email feature to Gmail on Android. 

Currently, Google is on the verge of embedding Gemini into its email service, Gmail, by introducing a new Summarize this email feature for Android owners. As of now, only some Gmail web users are able to experience Google’s Workspace Labs integration, which significantly allows them to use the new capabilities of Gemini to summarize their emails. 

The new Gemini-powered “Summarize this email” feature adds a new flag, which is placed just below the title of the email. This new feature is currently in its initial stage, so tapping the new flag doesn’t work, but it’s likely to generate the entire summary of the email, similar to the web version. Meanwhile, Google has not mentioned what could be expected from the latest feature. However, it seems like Google is adding the latest Summarize this email feature within the Gmail app, having a v2024.03.31.621006929build version for Android owners. 

Moreover, the new Gemini-powered Summarize this email feature is currently under development by Google, and it’s yet to be official when users will see the email summaries within the Gmail app. It’s expected that the new capability within Gmail for Android will soon go official. However, it’s still unclear whether the new email summaries feature through the Gemini model in Gmail for Android will be a limited rollout or is going to be widespread.

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