OnePlus, OPPO, Realme Could Add These New Modern Feature In The Device

Nowadays, all companies provide many advanced features on their devices, making them easy for users to use. Installing better chipsets, AI, and AI cameras are also being used in all these devices. Now, almost all the companies are looking towards a new feature in terms of security. 

It is reported that mobile companies, such as OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme, are palnning to launch new technology, such as ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, in their upcoming handsets. These sensors have been seen in high-end devices, and this biometric authentication has many benefits. Many websites and tipsters have mentioned this in the past few days. 

Some brands use these types of sensors in their devices, which contain two types: ultrasonic and optical. Ultrasonic sensors are better because they contain premium fluoride. This ultrasonic sensor creates 3D images using ultrasonic sound waves below the screen for a better and faster recognition feature. It is also water—and smudge-resistant with high recognition clarity. 

On the other hand, an optical fingerprint sensor allows you to capture 2D images of fingerprints. Hence, it is weaker than the ultrasonic sensor and is mostly used in mid-range devices. It does not work with wet and smudged hands or in water droplets. 

Currently, ultrasonic technology is being used in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, iQOO 12 Pro, Meizu 21, and 21 Pro and may be used in the upcoming Xiaomi 15 Ultra and other flagship phones. We believe that all companies will move towards this soon. These features will provide a great specialty in the devices. 

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Aakash Gour

Aakash is the main editor of RM Update and coordinator of the news area. If it is important and urgent, Aakash has written about it. He is an expert in the Android and Google ecosystem. He has been writing about mobile phones and technology in RM Update since 2019, a time in which he has been debugging his analyses and especially product photography.

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