Messenger Is Receiving New Features Featuring HD Photos, QR codes, and More  

For a while now, Meta has introduced a slew of significant features and changes within Messenger that certainly attracted users’ attention. In a similar context, Meta has begun rolling out some new features and enhancements for the Messenger audience. This will eventually help users enhance their conversations and allow them to stay connected with their loved ones with much more convenience.  

Messenger is receiving a wide range of new and interesting features that are essential. These include sharing HD photos, creating shared albums with friends, scanning Messenger QR codes, and sharing files up to 100MB directly from the phone. Take a deep dive, as here, you will learn about each feature in detail.

Easily share HD photos, create and share albums, and more with Messenger:

Easily share High-Definition pictures

The Meta-owned Messenger will now allow its audience to share their pictures with much clearer and crisper details in high-definition quality. To share your picture in HD quality, just choose the desired image from the image library, then tap to turn on the HD toggle and click Send. You can also easily add some additional photos that you want to share in HD. 

Connect someone through Messenger with a QR code

By introducing a new capability, you don’t have to enter someone’s name or phone number in order to add them to Messenger. You will now be able to connect with them on Messenger either by scanning their Messenger QR code or sharing your code through a link. To start a new conversation with someone new on Messenger, head to your Settings and tap on the QR code icon placed at the top. This will allow the user to scan your QR code using their phone’s camera. You can also share your QR code by tapping on the Share button placed below.

Create and share albums with your loved ones

With the ability to share albums with friends, Messenger will now allow users to significantly create an album of their precious photos and videos and can easily share them with their friends and loved ones. This will allow users to relive all their precious memories and moments. In order to create a new album of your photos and video within the group chat:

  • First off, choose multiple photos from the image library.
  • Then, select the Create Album option.
  • Here, to add to the existing album, choose the Add to Album option.

Once you have added your Photos and videos to an album, each of the participants within the group will be able to view, add, delete, or download the pictures and videos from the shared album. This feature will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Share files up to 100MB 

Finally, and thankfully, you will now be able to share large files up to 100MB through Messenger, eliminating the need to rely on email. While in the Messenger chat, tap on the “+” button and then choose the file that is up to 100MB in length. Meta also confirms that Messenger easily supports all types of file formats, including Excel, Word, and PDF. 

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