Google’s Android 15 Beta 1 is Now Live For Google Pixel Users

Google is currently focused on the workings of Android 15, as people have already witnessed two developer previews. Both previews featured several significant feature upgrades and other essential improvements for the upcoming Android 15 platform. With that, Google has finally released the first beta of Android 15 for its Pixel phones. 

The development of the next iteration of the Android operating system, Android 15, is taking a new shape. It is going to be available for testing and experiments to all customers. This certainly means that Google is all done with the developer previews, and now, taking a step further, the company has made the first beta of Android 15 available for the common people. 

Android 15 Beta 1 brings some noticeable features and improvements:

After analyzing both the developer previews of the Android 15, it doesn’t actually seem like the newest Android 15 will have a major revamp over Android 14. Still, it does offer some of the new, exciting, and, most prominently, several major highlights that will certainly help make the next Android system an essential upgrade. Here’s what’s new is infused with the Android 15 beta 1 update:

Edge-to-edge app support

Certain apps targeting Android 15, though, will now be able to take the entire display automatically. This will take more time to happen, but with Android 15, all the major applications will have system bars that will turn transparent or translucent, with all the content appearing behind by default, which will allow applications to certainly take advantage of the entire display.

OS-level App Archiving

The new Android 15 will support OS-level app archiving, allowing you to remove the majority of the app’s data while keeping all your data intact. In other words, app archiving will help in redownloading all the lost app data and then restoring that application the same way it was before archiving. 

It’s an impressive feature, as uninstalling an app that needs storage results in the loss of the app’s data, especially our personal saved login information. But with Android 15’s OS-level app archiving, apps will be able to restore all their data without having to uninstall them. 

Braille support

Android’s accessibility suite, TalkBack, will now support the majority of Braille displays with Android 15. This will prove to be a significant move for the visually impaired, who can now better use their Android devices. 

Other distinctive upgrades of Android 15 beta 1 include:

Inter-character justification

The language display will be much better that significantly uses the word spacing for segmentations, for example, Chinese, Japanese, and more. This will allow a cleaner look for each character that’s written.

Key management for End-to-end encryption

Android 15 facilitates end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for contact keys. This will certainly allow users to manage and verify other people’s contact information in a secure manner. 

App-managed profiling

With Android 15, a new ProfilingManager class has been added that will significantly allow developers to collect some required information from the users in a more performance-friendly manner. 

Secured background activity launches

Some more changes have been added to the Android 15 system, including secured background activity launches, which will significantly prevent certain malicious background applications from forcefully bringing other applications to the foreground. This will help users have more control over their phones by also protecting themselves from malicious app activities.  

What’s next?

As of now, Google has aimed the new Android 15 beta 1 for some selected Pixel phones and certain enthusiasts who will experience the new features of Android 15 running in its beta phase for the first time. It’s recommended that you use the latest beta version carefully, as it’s full of bugs and unreliability. 

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