Google Chat Now Allows Users To Chat With Microsoft Teams And Slack Users

Google always ensures to offer a much more convenient and advanced user experience by significantly adding one or the other useful features and functionalities to its services. In the same series, the company announced that Google Chat will now allow users to chat with Microsoft Teams and Slack users. 

Google Chat, Microsoft Teams and Slack Interoperability:

This latest interoperability between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams and Slack, is powered by the Mio platform that’s significantly designed to bring Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace together. However, back in 2023 at the Google Cloud Next 2023, Google announced the interoperability of Google Chats with Microsoft Teams and Slack, but this functionality was initially limited to some workspace users through the Beta testing phase. 

With that, now, this new interoperability among Google Chats, Microsoft Teams, and Slack users, which is powered by the Mio platform, will be available to all users. Meanwhile, Google further claimed that this interoperability will now allow Google Chat users to seamlessly chat with other platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack users to enhance their experience and productivity.

The interoperability is currently available to all the Google Workspace customers, having a separate Mio licence:

Moreover, this latest interoperability will allow Google Chat, Microsoft Teams and Slack users will now be able to share their important messages, files, documents, media and more without any inconvenience. However, it’s important to note that Google has stated that this interoperability of Google Chat, Microsoft Teams and Slack is currently available to all the Google Workspace customers and users will be required to have a separate Mio licence to use this latest interoperability.  

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