Snapchat brings new features to enhance the chat experience for the users

Snapchat has an average of over 5 billion users who use it daily. To make it even better, the company has brought changes with some new features so that the user can get a new experience along with new objects. My AI can also be used to organize this. The changes made in this app are as follows

Efforts are being made to provide innovations with the help of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has led to user adoption of conversational AI and the inclusion of My AI to learn about the world. AI on various topics is making it easier for the community to learn more and more capabilities of features and experience. At the same time, AI-powered features in Snapchat include AI captions for Snaps, creating and sending AI-generated images based on text prompts and Dreams, and AI selfies.  

Editable chat

 This new feature allows you to edit your messages even 5 minutes after sending them if you make a typing error. With this, you can easily correct the mistakes and stop mistakenly sending messages. This feature will be available to Snapchat+ subscribers first, and then it will roll out in every user’s app. 

Emoji Reaction

22 Snapchatters also have the option to instantly react to chats with Bitmoji. You can respond with any emoji to express what’s on your mind; more may be added soon. These emojis can help show emotions via chats and make them easy to understand. We will wait for the new emojis on Snapchat.  

My AI Reminders

You can start a countdown of up to a week to remind you of a deadline. My AI will set you up with a quick message and an in-app countdown so you don’t miss a single moment. It will help you celebrate the best moments, like birthdays and anniversaries, with your chatting partner. It will always remember the magic moments. 

Map Reactions

This is designed for people whose friends live far away from them. Users can also share their location and pass each other during their morning commute. You can also see if any of your friends have reached their destination safely or not. After that, you can react to this with the help of emojis and chats, making it easy to track your friends. 

Customized Looks 

On Snapchat, you can also generate an avatar of yourself in which you can choose your clothes, colours, accessories, and faces. AI will support you, which can also be done through the camera lens. It will not leave any shortcomings to look similar to you. 

Create Custom Bitmoji Looks

With the help of AI, Snapchtter can design its own digital customers for its Bitmoji. First, create and edit unique patterns like” lively graffiti” or “skull flower.” Then, tap on your favourite to see the change in clothes. Additionally, you can transform your photos in time with the 90s AI Lens. In just four days, Snapchtters have created nearly 40 million snaps with this 90s AI Lens. 

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