Google Released the Latest Android Security Bulletin May 2024 For Android Devices

Every month, Google releases an Android Security Bulletin that contains some general vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities will be fixed once users install the latest Security patch on their Android phones. Google has introduced the latest May 2024 Android Security Bulletin for its Pixel smartphones, as users have been waiting for the latest Bulletin to arrive for their devices. 

The latest Security Bulletin comes with two security patch levels

Google has released the newest Android Security Bulletin for May 2024, which details all the security vulnerabilities or malfunctions adversely affecting Android devices. This bulletin has security patch details dated 2024-05-01 and 2024-05-05 or later, which will address all the issues and malfunctions. 

The May 2024 Android Security Bulletin introduces two security patch levels. The first level brings a series of fixes for relevant vulnerabilities, grouped under their respective components. The second level, identified by CVE IDs, provides fixes for specific hardware components. It’s important to note that Android phones running Android 10 or later may also receive these security updates, including Google Play System updates. 

Here are the vulnerabilities

The security patch levels, dated 2024-05-01 and 2024-05-05, include some relevant vulnerabilities listed below. They have also significantly arrived with plenty of bug fixes with specific CVEs for every security vulnerability. 

  • Framework CVEs: 4 Fixes
  • System CVEs: 4 Fixes  
  • Google Play System Updates CVEs: 3 Fixes
  • Kernel CVEs: 1 Fix 
  • Arm components CVEs: 3 Fix
  • MediaTek components CVEs: 4 Fixes
  • Qualcomm components CVEs: 4 Fixes
  • Qualcomm closed-source components CVEs: 6 Fixes

Android Security Bulletin May 2024

Moreover, the latest Android Security Bulletin May 2024 comes with security patches that eventually offer several Android partners the flexibility to issue several fixes of vulnerabilities. With that, the Android smartphone manufacturers get the opportunity to analyze and fix all the issues that have arrived through the bulletin and can use the latest security patch level.   

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