How to Fix: You Cannot Use This Phone Number for Verification

Almost all of us have a Google account that significantly offers us several amazing functionalities. While wishing to have a great balance between personal and professional life, using Google’s mail service or having a Google account would always be a great idea. That’s why Gmail is the most popular and widely used Google service across the globe, from its user-friendly interface to its powerful yet convenient features.

In today’s fast-paced world, having a Gmail account is a necessity, and over a million users have created an account so that they can easily manage their work and personal lives. However, as creating a Gmail account is like putting a cherry on top, recovering a Gmail account could get you troubled. Meanwhile, here are some tricks you can try out while recovering your Gmail account. 

Many customers may have encountered a message stating, “This Phone Number Cannot Be Used For Verification,” when attempting to recover their Gmail account using a phone number that had been disabled or locked for an unknown reason. Essentially, when creating a Gmail account, customers are required to provide a recovery email and phone number for the purpose of retrieving their Gmail ID. However, for various reasons, providing the same recovery phone number could potentially cause issues and trigger the aforementioned message.

How to Fix a Gmail Account Error? You Cannot Use This Phone Number for Verification

If you are also having issues recovering your Gmail account using your recovery phone number, then here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve this problem:

1. Use a Different Phone Number:

Try using a different phone number in case your recovery phone number is not working, try using a different one. Due to some technical glitches, you might be facing this issue.

Also, Google has imposed limits on the number of accounts each phone number can create. Thus, you can also use your family member’s phone number rather than your own. 

2. Contact Customer Support:

Even after trying to give a valid phone number for verification during the Gmail account recovery, if you are unable to recover your account, you should try contacting Gmail’s customer support for better advice and assistance. They will be able to resolve your issue in an effective way. 

3. Type “0” at the Beginning of Your Phone Number:

If customer assistance could not resolve your Gmail account recovery, try to enter your phone number for verification, starting with “0.” This means you have to type “0” at the beginning of your 10-digit phone number and see whether you are getting the verification code or not. 

4. Try again later:

Some temporary issues and glitches within the app can lead to significant verification failures. So just wait some time, and then try to enter your recovery phone number again for verification.

5. Try Using alternate methods: 

Try using some of Google’s alternate methods, such as using backup codes or verifying with your recovery email ID, if you are still unable to resolve the phone number verification issue after exhausting all other options. When trying to verify your Gmail account with your phone number, you can try out these alternate methods. 

6. Update the app or browser:

While using the Gmail app on Android or accessing it from the web, just ensure that you are using the latest version. As the older version can adversely affect the functionality of the app or browser, updating the app or browser to the latest version could resolve the issue by fixing the bugs and glitches that were occurring because of the older version. 

7. Clear cached data and cookies: 

Clearing the cache data and cookies may be the best option if you are experiencing some temporary issues while attempting to recover your Gmail account using your phone number. Simply clear all the cache data and cookies in the app, and then try performing the verification process again.

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