Samsung To Remove One Camera From The Next Galaxy S25 Ultra’s Camera System

Samsung’s premium flagship Galaxy models are known for their advanced yet intuitive functionalities, and that’s what makes them the best Galaxy devices within the smartphone industry. Meanwhile, this year, Samsung unveiled its top-notch flagship Galaxy S24 series models, which have arrived with several new and impressive features, with the most-admired one being the inclusion of the Galaxy AI.

It’s quite obvious that Samsung has reportedly been working on the next flagship model, the Galaxy S25 series. However, certain reports significantly reveal that the brand will remove one camera from its next Galaxy S25 Ultra’s camera system.

Although we are very far away to witness the launch of Samsung’s next Galaxy S25 Ultra, leaks and rumors continue to spread across the internet ahead of every device launch. A fresh report significantly suggests that the next Galaxy S25 Ultra’s camera system will not hold four cameras; instead, there will only be three cameras. Samsung might perform some small adjustments within the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s camera hardware. 

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra’s camera system will have three cameras instead of four:

According to the details shared by a tipster, @ISAQUES81 on X, Samsung has reportedly been working on some camera adjustments for the S25 Ultra behind the scenes. The brand is going to remove the fourth camera from the S25 Ultra’s camera system, and there will be three cameras. Samsung appears to be considering removing the 3x zoom camera, as they believe the main camera can produce a 3x photo without sacrificing quality.

Another assumption regarding the S25 Ultra’s camera system is that its new main camera is going to have a similar sensor size as its predecessor, but the brand will significantly improve its ability to capture light, while the Ultrawide camera will remain unchanged. 

The tipster added that the last periscopic camera will have a larger sensor and variable zoom, as well as two fixed focal lengths, with the first ranging between 4 and 5x zoom and the second between 6 and 7x zoom, respectively. However, Samsung is currently testing what the ideal and suitable focal lengths are for the periscopic camera.


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