The YouTube Music Extension is also being loaded with a new feature called ‘Gemini’ It is also rolled out in Google Messages

Google is also launching the YouTube Music extension with Gemini Advanced in its Masages 1.5 Pro, which will allow users to search and play songs, albums, artists, and playlists. Even before this, Google has released updates with many changes in its messages. 

Gemini is rolling out in Google Messages And YouTube Music Extension

To use both, go to the bottom right corner, tap ‘Start Chat’, and click on the ‘Floating Action Button’ (FAB). After this, you will see Gemini’s contact options, which you can use in your chats. This feature helps you to enjoy the music without any interruptions. 

Like other social media apps, you can also reply to any image or video by tapping it for a long time. This requires you to long-press any reaction to give your thumbs up/down feedback, which you can then customize to be more concise. 

Excitingly, the Gemini YouTube Music extension, which was initially launched for beta users in late March, is now widely available on Google Messenger. We’re thrilled to announce that the feature is now accessible in English and French in Canada, starting today. While it’s not yet available in the EEA, UK, Switzerland, or India, we’re working hard to expand its reach. 

Unleash the power of the Gemini YouTube Music extension, a unique tool that allows you to search and play songs, albums, artists, and playlists. Its standout feature is its ability to find a song even if you only remember a few lines. We’re excited to bring this innovative feature to every pixel device soon, promising an enhanced music experience. 


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