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How to Deal with the System Freeze situation while using a Smartphone?

In this rapidly growing world of technology, smartphones have significantly become the most prominent part of our day-to-day lives. This fast growth has brought about a decline, narrowing the need for plenty of offline things, as now every work can be performed through a smartphone, from personal work to professional matters, while the OnePlus has significantly shown this by infusing great technology by its Trinity Engine, bringing the most advanced technologies within its smartphones. But what if you are in the middle of your work or watching your favorite show, and your phone suddenly gets stuck, leaving you in the middle of this good-for-nothing situation? If you are also experiencing such conditions, don’t fret, as OnePlus is here how to deal with the System freeze situation while using your OnePlus smartphone. 

It’s important to remember that system freeze issues are not unique to you. At times, almost all of us have certainly gone through a phase where our phone’s entire system gets stuck or freezes in the middle while watching an exciting show or doing some work, leaving us in the middle of this annoying and frustrating situation. This is a common occurrence, and people continue exploring ways to solve this situation, as it could be due to software glitches. 

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Rest assured, there are effective solutions to this issue. Meanwhile, on the flip side, this entire system freeze might be caused by excessive program resource usage or abnormal system stability. Here are some tried and tested suggestions by OnePlus that will significantly help you improve your smartphone’s experience, making it more stable and optimized for a smooth and stable working experience. 

  • Clear unnecessary applications from the background.

Applications running in the background occupy more memory, resulting in a system freeze. So, close the unnecessary apps that are running in the background.  

  • Update your smartphone and applications to the latest version.
  • Turn off the power saving mode:

The power-saving mode forces the phone’s CPU to limit its performance. So, could you turn it off? 

  • Clean up phone’s storage:

Unnecessary data can include cached files, temporary files, and unused apps. By cleaning up these files, you can free up storage space and prevent system freeze.

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