Oppo will be bringing their Generative AI-feature Phones

Oppo is moving towards making AI accessible. Then, generative AI features will be rolled out to 50 million users by 2024. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is mined to incorporate generative AI into its product lines. The brand is expected to bring better AI features than other companies. 

Along with developing AI capabilities, it will try to improve the AI phone experience in collaboration with Google, MediaTek, Microsoft, and other partners. Generative AI will boost productivity and creativity, bringing full-stack transformation and ecosystem restructuring. 

Oppo Generative AI Feature To Devices

On June 5 in London, Oppo unveiled its plans to make AI phones accessible to everyone. In addition, Oppo has shared a glimpse of a smart and convenient life in collaboration with companies like Google, MediaTek, and IDC. 

The company has used AI to enhance its capabilities, including advanced connectivity and multimedia models. This feature will not be limited to flagship models but can be seen in almost all the models coming soon. Billy Zhang, the President of Sales and Service, has said that Oppo aims to make AI phones accessible to everyone. By the end of this year, we expect to deliver generative AI features to around 50 million users.” 

According to the IDC report, “Shipments are expected to grow by 250% after the inclusion of AI technology and may reach 35 Million units. Generative AI will also improve your entertainment and other experiences. In addition, Oppo has said that more than 5,000 patents related to AI inventions have been filed, of which about 70% are specifically related to AI imaging”. 

Oppo has been engaged in model development for a long time and has deployed AI with 7 billion parameters. Amazingly, Oppo has introduced more than 100 generative AI features in its phones this year. The brand has tried to improve the AI architecture by creating an on-device and cloud hybrid. 

While Google devices also feature AI writers and AI recording, Microsoft has added more efficient, accurate, and natural voice and text conversion between desktop AI and phones to its capabilities. In collaboration with MediaTek, Oppo’s flagship models are equipped with chips, improving storage and computational efficiency. 

It will bring a new revolution in Photo editing, personalization, multimodal generation, and motion generation technology. It will also help users easily create creative visual and text content on social media. To make AI phones better for everyone, Oppo has developed devices through innovation and collaboration as the new AI phone welcomes a new era.


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