Realme Revealed the Key AI Features of its Flagship Killer Realme GT6, Which is Arriving on 20th June

Realme’s GT smartphone series has significantly presaged an incredible reputation as the most admired smartphone lineup across the globe for years. Realme has always ensured that this reputation could go even higher, as its GT series has been synonymous to its top-notch flagship excellence. As Realme has officially announced its remarkable comeback in the global market with the advent of its latest AI-infused flagship killer, the Realme GT 6, the brand has just disclosed the AI features that are packed within the device. 

The rapid growth of generative AI has created a disruptive revolution worldwide, while several Android partners have gradually joined this revolution and Realme is now one of them. Realme has significantly entered into the Generative AI era, making a commendable yet innovative comeback, as the Realme GT 6 is claimed to be the brand’s first AI phone, with several AI features infused within the device. 

Realme GT6 Launch Date

As Realme is all set to introduce its latest Realme GT6 with a boom on 20th June in India and global market, the smartphone has already collected all the hype ahead of its launch. The most prominent reason behind this infinite admiration is the inclusion of incredible AI features. Meanwhile, Realme has just officially teased all the AI features that have been arriving with the brand’s latest flagship killer, the Realme GT6.

Realme GT6 Key AI Features : It will be infused with AI Night Vision Mode, AI Smart Loop, and AI Smart Removal

Realme has presented three AI features, dubbed as Next AI, these three AI features include, the AI Night Vision Mode, AI Smart Loop, and the AI Smart Removal, respectively.

The AI Night Vision Mode- which will allow users to have crystal clear images even in the most dark environments. This means that you will be able to capture real shots with intense clarity no matter how dark the environment is. 

The next AI feature is the AI Smart Loop- this feature automatically detects the content selected and offers quick yet seamless sharing to the third party applications that significantly saves time and reduces the steps in the process. 

Finally, the AI Smart Removal- which will allow users to seamlessly remove those annoying photobombers that drastically destroys the perfectly captured picture. You just need to draw a circle and the smart AI technology will remove the object or person whom you have circled.     

Realme GT6 AI

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