Google Permanently Halts Gpay App and Peer-to-Peer Payments in the US 

Google shuts down GPay app: In the recent past, Google has made plenty of surprising changes with respect to its apps and services, and GPay is one of them. Back in February, Google officially announced that GPay would be permanently halted in the US, along with the discontinuation of peer-to-peer payments in the region. Now, this is happening, as the GPay app is no longer available in the US. 

GPay is the most popular and highly-used online payment service, which offers more or less similar functionalities as Google Wallet. Thus, Google decided to halt the GPay app in the US. Beginning on June 4, users in the US suddenly signed out of their GPay app account, and while trying to sign back in, they received a message that said, The Google Pay US app is no longer available, while also encouraging users to make payments using the Google Wallet. 

Users in the US will no longer be able to use the GPay app or Peer-2-Peer Payments.

Google halts the GPay app in the US, along with discontinuing Peer-2-Peer payments functionality in the region. With this move, Google appears to entirely shift its focus to the Google Wallet app, as now users will be able to make payments through the Google Wallet app, while their existing payments will automatically be transferred to Google Wallet, which in turn makes sure that users have a smooth banking experience. 

In addition, Google is also discontinuing peer-to-peer payments in the US. Meanwhile, Google further states that users in the US can use the Google Pay website in case they want to view the money they have received and transfer the balance to any bank account after the month of June. However, Google is aiming for the Google Wallet functionalities and making it the user’s go-to physical wallet. 


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