Realme UI Vs MIUI 11 Full Comparison: Which is best

Until the development of smartphones, mobile phone functions have been continuously developing new features. Today, let ’s take a look at the new UI of the two different systems both are based on Android 10. Realme UI Vs MIUI 11 full comparison.

Realme UI Vs MIUI 11 Full Comparison


Realme UI brings new Dual Earphone Connection feature, you can connect Bluetooth and wired earphones at the same time. In the description of the feature, Realme says that there are two supported scenarios. First, Bluetooth and wired earphones can receive the same audio. Second, the wired earphones can be used to receive media audio and Bluetooth earphones for phone audio or to receive calls.

This feature isn’t available in MIUI 11.

Dark Mode

Both UI supports system-wide dark mode but the Realme UI’s dark mode also supports more than top 200+ third-party apps and there has no option to third-party apps dark mode in MIUI 11.


Themes store comes in both Realme UI and MIUI 11 but you can change shapes and size by default by in Realme UI and you can also change icon’s shapes and colors via third-party apps in MIUI 11. I think Realme UI is better than MIUI because you can change the shapes of your icon according to you.

Notification Panel

Both UI’s notification panel is same but Realme UI’s one-handed and more comfortable than MIUI 11


Realme used this feature from Realme UI and added the icon customization in the settings menu. You can go to Home screen settings and there you will find the icon style option. Inside there you will find a bunch of options to change the shape, size, and appearance of the icons.

Sorry for MIUI 11 users. This feature is not available. But you can change the icon via theme in the Mi theme store.

Smart Sidebar

Realme UI brings Smart Sidebar button so you can add too many apps in the smart sidebar and MIUI 11 brings Quick ball but you can add five apps only.

Screen Recording feature

Both phones have the feature of screen recording but the screen recording feature of Realme UI is very good. If you are using Realme UI’s screen recording feature then you can record video from the front camera as well with the audio. And MIUI 11 does not have this option.

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