PUBG Mobile Ranks System: Bronze to Conqueror

There are 8 different ranks in PUBG Mobile. Six of them have 5 levels. For example, to earn Silver V, you must first go through Bronze V, Bronze IV, Bronze III, Bronze II, and Bronze I. Ranks “Ace” and “Conqueror” have no levels. Only the top 500 players in a given region can receive the Conqueror title. In each game mode, the player has a separate rank. Ranks are also split for first and third-person matches.

There are 8 ranks in PUBG Mobile: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Conqueror. The first 6 ranks are divided into 5 levels. The rank of Ace has only one level. And only the top 500 players of the same mode and region get the Conqueror rank. With each subsequent rank, the level of the game of users gradually increases. The ranking system is needed in order to unite players with a similar level of play. This makes the matches interesting and fair for everyone. Your current rank reflects your level of play.

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BronzePUBG Mobile Bronze

Bronze is the most common rank among newcomers to PUBG Mobile. This is exactly the title that you will receive after your first match. If you play on Bronze, then be prepared to meet bots. There are a lot of them here. Bronze has 5 different levels.

Silver PUBG Mobile Silver

Silver comes immediately after Bronze I. This rank has 5 different levels. Here you can still meet newcomers, but already more experienced. There are also bots, but there are much fewer of them. Silver is much harder than Bronze, but with a little practice, you can get to the next rank.

Gold PUBG Mobile Gold

Gold is the third-ranked player category. This title has 5 different levels. You can already meet experienced players here. And sometimes even very cunning opponents, who know the basics of PUBG Mobile well. Gold is much more difficult than Silver. Therefore, in order to progress further, you must train well.

PlatinumPUBG Mobile Platinum

Platinum comes immediately after Gold I. This rank has 5 different levels. Platinum is played by those who have studied the game mechanics of PUBG Mobile well.

You will never meet bots here again, so forget about easy wins. You must devote time to practice and training, otherwise, you will not be able to go beyond this title.


PUBG Mobile Diamond

The diamond comes immediately after Platinum I. This rank has 5 different levels. Here you will meet really good players who train a lot and want to win. So be prepared for the matches to get even harder. Starting with the rank of Diamond, you must think about every action in the game. After all, experienced players will take advantage of any of your mistakes.


PUBG Mobile Crown

The crown comes immediately after Diamond I. This title has 5 different levels. Very experienced and talented players play here. They know how to shoot, find equipment, and build strategies. Only those who train regularly and want to get better at PUBG Mobile get here.


PUBG Mobile Ace

Ace comes immediately after Crown I. He has no levels like other titles. Only the most experienced players with the PUBG Mobile talent play at this rank. In addition to good shooting and the ability to build strategies, these players always make good decisions with lightning speed. They know how to take advantage of a given situation. They also know all the weapons in the game well, so they are smart about the choice of equipment.


PUBG Mobile Conqueror

The Conqueror comes after the title of Ace. As with the previous rank, there are no different levels here. Only the top 500 players in each region receive the Conqueror title.

Only professional players with insane experience and skills in PUBG Mobile receive this rank. These players know every weapon, every grenade, and know how to best use whatever item they can get their hands on. Most of these players take part in tournaments or live broadcasts.

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