Pubg Mobile Beta 1.0 Erangel 2.0 apk Download

PUBG Mobile users who have been waiting for the new Erangel 2.0 map in PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0 version. We have good news for users. The new Erangel 2.0 map has been added to the PUBG Mobile Global Beta version of the game. PUBG Mobile beta server announced that the new beta is available now.

If you want to early access of new Erangel Map 2.0 so you can download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0 version. And enjoy the new map. Download Link in the bellow…



The Erangel Map map is newly upgraded to Erangel  2.0

1) The new screen performance:
sky, surface, seawater, vegetation, etc. are completely updated, the picture is more real and delicate;

2) Building adjustment:
the structure of some buildings has been adjusted;

3) large resources Point adjustments:

① Nuclear power plant area: the nuclear power plant area is reworked, the building structure layout is updated, resources are more intensive, and the fighting is richer in changes;

② Mine area: optimizing the terrain structure, adjusting the building layout, adding 7 large warehouses, adding parachuting Point, jungle selection +1.

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