[Updated] PUBG Mobile’s New Collaboration with BlackPink: Release Date

Updated on Sept. 17

The PUBG Mobile x Blackpink collaboration is rumored to be coming out soon on  September 17, 2020 today. If it is true that Blackpink will enter PUBG Mobile, then Season 15 is not as bad as we feel, guys.

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PUBG Mobile, the most popular game played all over the world  Will Collaborate with this Kpop Idol BLACKPINK? Yes, you read it absolutely right it may be possible. As we all know that Previous PUBG Mobile collaborations have been successful. The audience is expecting a lot from this collaboration, as the past ones by PUBG Mobile with Resident Evil, Godzilla: The King of Monsters, Mission Impossible, and The Walking Dead ended up becoming highly popular. The pairing with Resident Evil 2 was a fascinating one, as a separate model in the Evo Ground was made available, and users could experience the zombie apocalypse.

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This was made possible because PUBG Mobile every time brings something new and exciting to entertain their players and also tries to make their gameplay more adventurous. 


On September 14, 2020, PUBG Mobile uploaded an interesting photo on the PUBG Mobile Twitter account and also wrote “Guess who’s coming“. [a person (possibly a woman) with a dominant pink color in the photo, such as signs, glasses, and a pink photo background.] 

After seeing that photo people commented that PUBG Mobile will collaborate with Kpop idol from BLACKPINK, namely Lisa, who is a rapper in the girl group BLACKPINK.

It might be possible because previously in season 14, PUBG Mobile brought a new song in the Tent Area Playing With Fire’ The song is called ‘Playing With Fire’ by a popular South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK

The group consists of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa (who resembles the person present in a photo uploaded by PUBG Mobile Twitter account ). The rapper whose real name is Lalisa Manoban is a Kpop idol from BLACKPINK who is born in Thailand and is one of the most fans in BLACKPINK. In addition, Lisa is the brand ambassador of the Brawl Star game, which is also Tencent’s game.

PUBG Mobile’s every new attempt to make the game exciting for players was later well-liked by the players. But it is not certain that this collaboration will actually bring Lisa (BLACKPINK) to PUBG Mobile or not. It is just a prediction after seeing the photo uploaded by the PUBG Mobile Twitter account.



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