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How to take a screenshot in Redmi Note 10T 5G

You can take a screenshot with every Smartphone, but the exact method to do so will depend on your device manufacturing company.

If you have a Redmi Note 10T 5G device, you have lots of different methods at your disposal, like pressing buttons or swiping across the screen. We’re going to detail How to take a screenshot in Redmi Note 10T 5G.

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Using gesture in Redmi Note 10T 5G

First, you will be to Configure gesture settings.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Additional settings.
  • Tap on Button shortcuts.
  • Tap on ‘Take a screenshot‘.

Select gesture to take a screenshot. By default, this will be a three-finger slide from the top.

Usnig Buttons in Redmi Note 10T 5G

  • You can press Power+Vol-Down button at same time. 

Take Log screenshots in Redmi Note 10T 5G

  • Take screenshot normally.
  • on Scroll under the screenshot that you took just now (top right corner).
  • Now, the page will start scrolling. T
  • ap on Done when you want to stop scrolling or wait till the end.
  • Save the screenshot.

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